Zbizlink Office Addin

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Get Zbizlink office Add-in for Word

1. Open MS. Word/Login to the Office 365.
2. Click Insert > Get Add-ins/Add-ins

over web Office 365

3. In the Office Add-ins box, click on Store and search for an add-in with name of Zbizlink office add-in by using the Search box, click on Add button and continue.

4. Go to the Zbizlink site Manage Proposal >Edit>Scope/Background/Technical Rqs Proposal instructions. Click on Export button to download the file.

5. After download, unzip the file and open it in Ms. Word.

6. Click Home > Show Task pan, Zbizlink Office Add-in will ready to use.

OR Click Insert > My Add-ins, will show added add-ins, select Zbizlink Office Add-in

Now Zbizlink office Add-add-in is ready to use.

7. You must enter Zbizlink credentials (email & password) to validate your identity.

8. The system can automatically link your proposal record if you downloaded the file from Zbizlink; otherwise, you will need to manually choose your proposal record and content category to upload your response.

9. After submit changes you can view your changes over Zbizlink site after refreshing page.

Note: Users are required to run “Clear data keys” to clean up the file before submission to the client. The keyword “Contents” is automatically added as a placeholder for your proposal response contents. These keywords can be removed by using the function “Clear data keys” before submission to your client. You must click on the Save & Sync button to upload your response contents to the Zbizlink server.

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