Win Strategy Questions

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The Win Strategy Questions section provides the flexibility to edit, add, or subtract from the pre-defined checklist questions offered for Opportunity analysis and proposal management (Refer to Section 11.5 Making Checklists). Maximize win strategy for Targeted Market Segments with thorough compliance review and team collaboration using this section.

Figure 6. Win Strategy Questions Window


  1. First, select “Win Strategy Questions” in the Company Menu. Note: Predefined checklist questions will be available for view, to edit, or to be deleted.
  2. Next, choose questions from the predefined list that you would like to edit or use for win strategy.
  3. Once selected, categorize each question using the “Type of” drop-down menu. Options include opportunity or proposal.
  4. To add different questions, select “Add New Questions”.

Figure 6a. Customize Your Win Strategy Questions


5. Select one or more market segments from the drop-down menu.
6. Categorize the new question using the “Type of” drop-down menu.

Figure 6b. Categorize Your Win Strategy Question

7. Add a question statement with/without formatting in the Question editor window.
8. Check/uncheck the “Add ‘Yes/No’ option to requirement” to make your new question require a Yes/No answer.
9. Then, click “Save”.

Note: If you do not categorize the question as an opportunity or proposal, the question will be added to both solution areas of Zbizlink.

Your Win Strategy Questions will appear in the Checklist section of each new opportunity/proposal created with the matching Market Segment or Client.

Figure 6c. Segmenting a New Opportunity or Proposal

10. Lastly, go to the “Checklist” tab in your Opportunity or Proposal section to view the Win Strategy Questions checklist, as shown in Figure 6d.

Figure 6d. View Your Win Strategy Questions in the Checklist Tab

Remember: You can edit or delete any question at any stage.

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