18 Apr

What Does a Resume Parser Do?

What Does a Resume Parser Do? Are you working on multiple requests for resume (RFR) or requests for proposal (RFP) responses?

How about juggling a pile of resumes from several potential candidates? 

On average, hiring managers and proposal managers must evaluate a minimum of 150 resumes submitted for a single job role and of course only one candidate selection will get the job. This is painstaking and grueling work to say the least, but you already know that part.

If this sounds like your current state of work, we are glad you are here. It is beneficial for you to know what a resume parser does to help streamline the business proposal response process or justify hiring for a selected candidate. 

We will start with describing resume parsing technique first…

Resume Parsing 

Resume parsing is a technique that human resource professionals and federal contractor proposal teams use to extract information from a candidate resume to evaluate the candidate’s skills and qualifications for a job role. Sounds great, right?

It is unless you are a party of one doing all the fun resume screening work on your own. Even a small team of five people will require hours of evaluation to choose the best resumes. 

So, where can resume parsing be a beneficial solution?

The best resume parsing software takes away the need for manual resume CV/parsing and allows a single user to parse several resumes at once within minutes. Resume parsing online helps speed up the hiring process, while providing greater accuracy in candidate selection.

A good resume parser provides automation to the resume screening process so that you can input multiple files at once and automate parsing for seamless output. 

In addition to resume parsing online, the best resume parser software stores and scans data in your user database to reference for later. Yes, reference.

Meaning your resume parsing tool uses machine learning to discover user behavior and align candidate skill sets with job roles. You can accomplish several hiring requirements at once for pinpoint compliance to your job vacancy’s requirements. 

So what does a resume parser do?

A resume parser automates the hiring process for a more defined compliance capability, measurable accuracy to justify hiring the right candidate to your client… and all in a fraction of the time it would take without the best resume parsing tool available.     

Sound even better now, right? We know.

Let’s look at the different types of resume parsing processes and the best way to improve using resume parser software online. 

What is Resume Parsing Used For?

We are glad you asked. Many different small businesses and enterprises across different verticals use resume parsing to achieve efficiency in the hiring process. Yet, there are multiple uses for resume parsing software and the technique of resume parsing. 

Check out the different industries and technical applications for resume parsing software:

  • Human Resources. The most obvious application for resume parser tools is in human resources where HR professionals use the resume parser tool to qualify hundreds of resumes in a short amount of time. Hiring the right talent improves hiring metrics that businesses can use to ensure the workforce is headed in the right direction.
  • Federal Government Contracting. Business professionals and government contractors often have small or medium size proposal team or maybe just one or two in-house proposal writers to respond to multiple request for resume (RFR) or request for quote (RFQ)/request for proposal (RFP) with a business proposal submission to the government. 

One of the proposal requirements to many RFR/RFP/RFQ processes is staffing the best people for the project or government contract, which requires providing resumes within the final business proposal. As you can imagine, the federal government wants to hire the best possible candidates only. 

After all, bad hires are costly to the government and to the winning staffing vendor. RFP responses are time consuming as well as time-sensitive with tight deadlines. So, proposal managers do not have a ton of time to waste with sifting through piles of resumes.

You can see how a resume parser software dedicated to government contractors can help streamline the business proposal writing process and ensure compliance to the RFP/RFR. 

  •   IT Staffing. Some of the lengthiest resumes on the planet are from experienced information technology professionals who have a ton of talent and even more experience – more than five pages worth. Resume parsing for IT staffing firms come in handy where you have a bunch of 10+ page resumes from a handful of candidates. Resume parsing for IT staffing vendors also helps determine candidate qualifications much faster when the job requirement may be complex or require niche skill sets. 

When Can I Use Resume Parsing Software?

The bottom line is resume scanning is time consuming and not to mention boring. Hiring the wrong people is too costly to risk. Where ever there is a resume involved, it is best to have a resume screening tool available to beef up your hiring compliance and streamline resume review.

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