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Creating a Company Profile and managing it is very simple. Zbizlink tells you how to complete the process step-by-step with easy-to-remember tools, alert notifications, and a virtual Tour Guide.

4.1. Company Menu

Navigate, create, and manage your Company Profile with the “Company” menu, as shown in Figure 4.1 below.

Figure 4.1. Company Menu

Menu tabs are as follows:

  • Company Details -> View saved information in View Mode.
  • Edit Company -> Edit/update or add new
  • Market Segment -> Target market segments using the Business Profile. This section will also help create an Opportunity within each segment.
  • Business Profile -> The owner of the profile can show or hide information from other Zbizlink users.

4.2. Buttons & Icons

Zbizlink buttons and icons are standard, easy-to-remember tools that help you manage your account. Table 1 below describes the purpose of each button and icon.

4.3. Notifications

Zbizlink will alert you with notifications to help you understand performed actions. Notifications are as follows:

  • Success Notification (Green, example: Saved Successfully)
  • Error Notification (Red, example: Record Already Exists)
  • Warning Notification (Orange, example: You Entered Invalid Entries)
  • Information Notification (Blue, example: Company “XYZ” Has Viewed Your Profile)

4.4. Tour Guide

The Tour Guide feature walks you through how to create and manage a Company Profile step-by-step. The Tour Guide will take you on a virtual tour of Zbizlink and provide instructions to help you navigate through each step, as shown in Figure 4.4 below.

Figure 4.4. Take a Guided Tour of Zbizlink Sections

Zbizlink is designed to support all users from beginner to advanced level use.

Note: You have the option to use/continue the virtual tour or to disable it.


  1. First, select the General Settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the tool.
  2. Lastly, check “Turn Off Tour Guide” to disable the Tour Guide.
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