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Zbizlink provides warning and error messages to help you manage your activity. Generally, users can continue activity when warning messages appear, but not with the error messages. Table 4 below details how to resolve incorrect activity to move on in the tool.

Warning Messages: How to resolve it?

You entered an invalid DUNS number


Entered DUNS number should be registered with SAM otherwise leave this field blank.

End Date is equal to or earlier than Start Date


Enter your Start Date and End Date with year, month and date. Make sure you choose an End Date that is after the Start Date.
Error Messages:

DUNS number must be 13 digits long


DUNS number must have a standard format of 13 digits, otherwise leave this field blank.

The contact already exists


This notifies of duplicate record. Re-check your entry and existing contacts.

Unable to perform this action, this Designation has reference in Departments


Unassign this Designation from Departments to delete this.

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