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Maximize the accuracy of your proposal, and the consistency of your documents with defined templates. Use templates to ensure that your proposals and resumes are always consistent. Zbizlink’s Template Management section reduces time to format quality and compliant documents.

Managing Proposal Template

Predefined proposal templates are available in the Proposal Template section.


  1. First, click “Add Template”.
  2. Next, type a title for “Template Name”.

Select a type from the drop-down menu of “Entity Type”. There are three options to create a new template:

Import Template

1. Click “Import Template”.

2. Click “Select File”.
3. Click “Save” to display uploaded documents in “List of Sections”.

Map Template

1. Click “Map Template”.
2. Type “Heading Name”.
3. Click “Save” to display this heading in “List of Sections”.

Copy Template

1. Click “Copy Template”.

2. Double click any template from the Copy Template List section to display the uploaded document in “List of Sections”.

3. Use “Drag” to change the placement of the sections.
4. Click “Entity Mapper” to drag and drop different entities into your template.
5. Click “Modify” to drop the entities in the desired area.
6. Select “Prepend”, “Replace” or “Append” to arrange the entities.
7. Click “Save”.

Modify Entities

8. Lastly, click “Preview” to review the template format. Figure 14.1d illustrates an example.

Template Preview

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