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The System Settings allow you to manage your complete Company Profile and ensure all settings are working together. Figure 6 shows the menu options.

Figure 6. System Settings Menu

Use this menu to navigate the section, update and monitor your settings, and assign Designations and Departments.

6.1. Providing Company Designations

Zbizlink provides default Designations. In the Company Designations section, edit the defaults as you see fit and/or create new Designations.

Figure 6.1. Add a Designation


  1. First, click “Add Designation”.
  2. Next, type “short” and “full” name of Designation.

Lastly, click “Add”.

Remember: All Resources and Public Contacts must first be assigned a Designation and a Department.

6.2. Providing Company Departments

Zbizlink provides default Departments. In the Company Department section, edit the defaults as you see fit and/or create a new Department.

Note: Your organization must have an assigned location (Refer to Section 3.2.3: Providing Company Locations) before adding a Department.


  1. First, click “Add Department”.
  2. Next, type “Department Name”.
  3. Select “Key Designation”, “Location” and “Parent Department” associated with the department, if applicable.

Note: “Parent Department” is the overarching department type that other departments fall under, based on your organizational structure.

  1. Type a “Description” (if desired).
  2. Lastly, click “Save”.

Figure 6.2. Add a Department

View Departments in two formats:

List View

Figure 6.2a. View and Edit Departments in List Format

             GUI View

Figure 6.2b. View Departments in GUI Format

6.3. Defining Company Teams

Zbizlink makes organizing team activity simple. In the Company Group/Team section, define your respective teams, and assign multiple Resources according to skill set and requirements.

Figure 6.3. Create Teams

Add additional members to an existing team.


  1. First, type “Team Name”.
  2. Next, select a “Key Person” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Lastly, click “Save”.


Figure 6.3. Create Teams

Add additional members to an existing team.

Figure 6.3a. Add Team Members

View your teams in two formats:

List View

Figure 6.3b. Teams in List View

GUI View

Figure 6.3c. Teams in GUI View

6.4. Assigning Admin Users

Zbizlink makes the main account creator the default Admin User. Provide other Resources with administrative permissions in the Admin User section.

Figure 6.4. Give Administrative Permissions to Additional Team Members


  1. First, click “Add Admin User”.
  2. Next, select the applicable “Department” and “Location”.
  3. Enter a Resource name to “Search Employee”.
  4. Click the box in the upper right-hand corner of the displayed Resource box.
  5. Lastly, click “Save”.

Added Resources will display in the list of Admin Users, as shown in Figure 6.4a.

Figure 6.4a. Add or Remove Admins to Your Team at Any Time
Remove administrative permissions from individual Resources at any time. Simply select “Deactivate” next to the correct Resource name to remove permissions. The Resource will no longer be visible in the Admin Users list.

6.5. Managing User Groups

Admin Users can define user groups in the Manage User Groups section. User groups designate groups of Resources with specified user permissions and roles. Each user group will have access/administrative permissions to the specified Zbizlink section or module assigned to their group.

Figure 6.5. Users Groups and Added Resources


  1. First, click “Add Group”.
  2. Next, type “Group Name” and “Description”.
  3. Click “Add Module” and select required modules.
  4. Click “Add Role” and select desired roles applicable to use of the specified modules.
  5. Click “Add User” and select list of Resources.
  6. Lastly, click “Save Group”.

Add additional users to an existing user group.

Figure 6.5a. Add Users to User Groups


  1. First, click “Users”.
  2. Next, enter a name into “Select Users” field.
  3. Lastly, click “Save”.


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