Sending & Receiving Messages

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Zbizlink allows your organization’s account holders and your Business Partners to send messages to one another in the Messages section. You have the option to archive or trash messages at your leisure.

Composing Messages

Registered Zbizlink users send messages to one another on instant.


  1. First, click “New Message”.
  2. Next, select a Partner, Non-Partner or type an email address.
  3. Type the email “Subject”.
  4. Type the message in detail.
  5. Select “Attachment” to upload a file, if desired.
  6. Lastly, click “Send” to send a notification to the receiver and move this message to the “Sent” folder.

Note: “Discard” or “Draft” a message at any time.

Replying to Messages

Respond to messages in your inbox or forward them with the appropriate icon, as shown in

To reply, click the appropriate icon and type your message in the text box.

Type Your Message Reply

Marking Messages Important/Not Important

Classify the importance of your messages. Mark important messages with the star icon. These messages will move to the “Important” folder or otherwise remain in the inbox.

Mark Messages as Important

Select the star icon, as shown in Figure 15.3, to move messages that were marked “Not Important” back to the inbox.

Trashing/Un-Trashing a Message

Trash messages as you see fit. Once trashed, these messages move to the “Trash” folder.

Trash Unwanted Messages

Un-trash or permanently delete messages in the “Trash” folder. Selecting “Un-trash,” will move messages back to the inbox. Selecting the trashcan icon for “Permanently Delete” will remove messages altogether.

Two Options To Manage Unwanted Messages

Spamming/Unspamming Messages

Mark unwanted messages as spam to move them to the “Spam” folder. You will receive an alert about the action.

Spam Your Unwanted Messages

All current and incoming messages related to the spam sender will be moved to the “Spam” folder.
Un-spam messages to restore them to the inbox. You will receive an alert about the action. All current and incoming messages in the “Spam” folder related to that sender will be moved to inbox.

Un-spam Messages
Note: The free trial only allows a limited number of messages to Non-Partners. The number of messages available varies per pricing package.

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