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Track and schedule events in the Scheduler section. Add key dates and times to your Scheduler to stay organized and remain on time. Zbizlink provides two options for date tracking:

  • Add using Scheduler; and
  • External Providers Sync.

Figure 17 illustrates the Event Scheduler window.

Figure 17. Add an Event

Add Using Scheduler


  1. First, select “Scheduler”
  2. Next, go to the desired date on the calendar.
  3. Double click on the date to open the Event Scheduler window.
  4. Type a “Title” for the event.
  5. If the event will be held all day, check the “All Day” box. Otherwise ignore.
  6. Select a “Start” and “End” date.
  7. Type an event “Description”.
  8. Select “Partners” with whom to share the event. Add email addresses of non-Zbizlink users or additional guests in the “Guest” field.
  9. To add “Attachments”, click “Upload Files”.
  10. Select a file from your computer.
  11. If the event will be repeated, check the “Repeat” checkbox and select a frequency in the drop-down menu.
  12. To add a reminder, check the “Reminder” checkbox and select a date to “Remind From”, an interval from the drop-down menu, and identify the “Remind By” channel.
  13. Lastly, click “Save”.

External Providers Sync

Figure 17a. Sync Your Other Calendars


  1. First, select “External Providers Sync” in the top right-hand corner of the section.
  2. Next, select a “Provider” from the drop-down menu to sign in to your Google or Outlook account.
  3. Lastly, sign in to the account that you want to sync with Zbizlink.



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