Proposal Management

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Provide Responses to Scope and Background

Now that the Opportunity is converted into proposal, the information from the Capture Management section will transfer to the Proposal Management section.
Provide an updated or new response to the scope and background of the bid in the Proposal Management section. Refer to Section 10.4: Defining Scope & Background for more information.

Add a Response to the Scope

Defining Technical/Proposal/Other Requirements

Review the list of requirements that transferred from the Opportunity section in the “Technical Requirements”, “Proposal Requirements”, and “Other Requirements” tabs. Refer to Section 10.8.1: Technical/Proposal/Other Requirements for more information.

Viewing Task Assignment

View the list of assigned tasks, team member responses, and the percentage of progress in the Task Assignment section of Proposal Management. Zbizlink offers two ways to get to the Task Assignment section including through the Opportunity List or via Proposal Management.

Task Assignment List


  1. First, click “Actions”.
  2. Lastly, select one of two options from a drop-down menu including “Instant Response” or “Reminder”.
  • If “Instant Response” is selected, view team member responses.
  • If “Reminder” is selected, send an email reminder to team members about tasks.

Uploading Agreement Files

Zbizlink ensures that agreements are shared between Business Partners seamlessly, and that you can review and sign documents for the proposal. Manage and monitor shared agreements in the “Partner” tab of the Manage Proposal section. Review alerts like the following:

Your Partner hasn’t uploaded agreement files.

Agreement Files Error Alert

Click on the alert icon to move to the Proposal Collaboration section.

Upload an Agreement


  1. First, click the “Upload” icon.
  2. Lastly, upload a file from your computer.

The status of agreement files will change to “Uploaded”.

Error Alert Disappears with Upload

Managing Proposal Resources

Adding Prime Company Resource

Add Resources to meet proposal requirements in the “Resources” tab of the Manage Proposal section.


  1. First, select “Resource Type”.
  2. Next, select the number of Resources.
  3. Click “Add New Resource” to open a new row.

Add New Resource

Add Prime Company Resource

4. Click “Search Employee”.

Add New Proposal Resource

  1. Add a name or email address in “Search Resource” or “Name” field.
  2. Select the desired Resource.
  3. Select an existing or add a new “Labor Category”.

Add Resource Summary to Proposal

  1. Provide “Rate” (hourly rate) and “N.E.H.” (required hours).
  2. Select the Resource “Resume”.
  3. Lastly, click “OK” to send a notification to the Resource.

Sharing Partner Company Resource

Zbizlink allows Prime and Partner organizations to share labor categories and resource candidates in the “Resources” tab of the Manage Proposal section.

Share a Resource

Select Resource Department


  1. First, click “Share” icon.
  2. Next, select a Resource Department from drop-down menu.

Lastly, click “Save” to send a shared resource notification to your Partners.

Notification of Shared Resource

Your Business Partner will be able to select the notification in the inbox or view the shared resource information in the Shared Resources section.


  1. First, click “Detail”.
  2. Next, select “View”.


Shared Resource List

Shared Resource Summary

  1. Click “Edit”.
  2. Click “Search Employee” and add a name or email address.

New Proposal Resource Summary

  1. Lastly, click “OK” to display Resource information with calculated margin values.

Resource Information with Margin Values

Note: Annual salary and hourly rate for Resources are provided during Resource Profile creation. Margin value is calculated using the annual salary and hourly rate.

Resource Notification Received When Added to Proposal

Reviewing Requirement Questionnaire

View the updated Requirement Questionnaire with your questions and Resource answers in “Tabular” and “Normal” view, as shown in below.

Click this icon to open the Requirement Questionnaire window.

Tabular View of Requirement Questionnaire

Normal View of Requirement Questionnaire

Questions and answers are marked with four statuses:



“Locked” questions prevent the respondent from providing an answer or updating a previous response.
Unlocked “Unlocked” questions can receive new or updated responses.
Pending “Pending” questions have yet to receive an answer.


“Resend” questions to request changed responses to answers.

Review proposal documents with your Partners and provide instant feedback in the “Document Checklist” tab.


  1. First, click “Add Check”.
  2. Next, type a “Document Name”.
  3. Select “Choose New File” to upload a document from your computer.

Click “Save” to access two more options: “Add Partner” and “Notify Partner”.

Add a New Check

Add or Notify Partners of New Checklist

Click “Add Partner” to open a window containing existing Partners

Select Your Partner

“Select Existing Partner” from the drop-down menu.
Click “Save”.

Add Remarks and View Status

  1. Lastly, click “Notify Partner” to send an immediate notification to the selected Business Partner(s).

Notification of Shared Checklist

If Partner is not online, the notification will be sent to the notification inbox.

Notification Inbox

Partners may also click view documents in the Shared Documents section of Capture Management.

Remember: The Shared Documents List provides the “Partner Name”, “Proposal Name”, “Solicitation Number”, “Document Name” and “Receive Date”.

Shared Document List Sample
Download the shared file and/or upload another one, as well as “Add Remarks” in the Shared Document section, as shown in Figure 12.9g.

Add Remarks to the Shared File

Notification Inbox

Zbizlink will notify the Prime about Partner activities with the shared document.

Select the notification to move to the Shared Document List, view “Download” history and “Remarks”, or add responses to the existing remarks. Prime and Partner organizations can continuously share documents and remarks.

View Shared Document Download History

Add Remarks to the Document Activity

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