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The Zbizlink Dashboard is a customizable data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for an enterprise. Customize the dashboard for each category of Resources and enable each category to see different dashboards.

Figure 18 is the default view of the admin dashboard in editing mode. Admin Users can customize the dashboard.

In GUI View, you have two selection options:

  • Select Designation
  • Choose Widgets

Click on “Select Designation” drop-down menu to view all labor categories:

Figure 18. Edit the Dashboard

Figure 18a. Select Designation

Your customized dashboard will be assigned to the labor category chosen.

Use the “Choose Widgets” section to view a list of charts and add as many charts to the dashboard as desired. To give you a better idea, if a user adds four charts to the Head of Department Designation, all the Resources with that Designation will see those four charts on their dashboard.

Resources may minimize or maximize the size of each chart as you desire.

Figure 18b. Sample Head of Department Dashboard

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