Individual and Bulk Invitations

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8.1. Inviting Individual Resources

In the Invite Resource section, the Admin User can invite Resources to create their Resource Profiles.


  1. First, click “Add Invitation”.
  2. Next, provide a valid “Email”.
  3. Enter “First Name” and “Last Name” of the Resource whom will receive the invitation.
  4. If the person is a resource candidate for an Opportunity, then check “IsCandidate” checkbox. Otherwise ignore.
  5. Select the “Designation” and “Department” from the drop-down menus.
  6. Click “Submit” to save and display the record in the Invite Resource List, as shown in Figure 8.1a on the following page.

Figure 8.1. Invite a Resource

Figure 8.1a. List View of Resources Invited to Create Their Profiles

Remember: Once the invitation is sent, you can’t get it back. Be sure to double check invitee information.

7. Lastly, click “Send” to add the record to the View Sent Invitations section, as shown in Figure 8.1b.

Figure 8.1b. View All Resource Invitations Together

Once the invitation is sent, the Resource will receive an email notification for registration, as shown in Figure 8.1c.

Figure 8.1c. Registration Email for Invitee

Select “Reminder”, as shown in Figure 8.1b on the previous page, to send invitation reminders for pending Resources. You will be asked to confirm that you’d like to send a reminder, as shown in Figure 8.1d.

Figure 8.1d. Confirm Reminder Before You Send

To send the reminder, click “Yes”.

Recommendation: Send reminder invitations to invited Resources who have not yet accepted invitation. Zbizlink will track confirmed and pending recipients.

8.2. Inviting Bulk Resources

It’s easy to invite multiple Resources with the “Employee Bulk Insertion” section. Zbizlink will allow you to upload an excel file that contains all the contacts you would like to add.

Note: The excel file must contain all the required fields in proper format, as shown in Figure 8.2.

Figure 8.2. Sample Bulk Contacts Excel Sheet


  1. First, using an excel file, add the following column headings:
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Summary
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Emergency Alternate Number
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Salary
  • Hourly Rate

2. Next, enter the data in the proper format.
Note: First and last name are required. Full email addresses are required. Summary data must be written as “# year experience”. Phone numbers should use hyphenated format (000-000-0000). Salary data should be in General format (50000$).
3. Save the file to your computer.
4. Go to “Employee Bulk Insertion” section.

Figure 8.2a. Add Multiple Contacts in Employee Bulk Insertion Tab
5. Click “Choose File” to select your saved excel file.

6. Once the file is uploaded, click “Map Data” to ensure your column headings match Zbizlink naming conventions.

7. “Ignore” or “Select” the fields based on requirements, as shown in Figure 8.2b.

Figure 8.2b. Mapping Excel Data to Zbizlink Requirements

Remember: Mandatory fields cannot be ignored.

If mandatory fields are ignored, a notification alert will be displayed, as shown in Figure 8.2c below.

Figure 8.2c. Alert of Mandatory Fields

8. Click “Import Excel Data” to display the record on screen. Figure 8.2d illustrates the List View.

Figure 8.2d. View, Edit, or Remove Imported Contacts

9. Click “Edit”, “Remove”, or “Save” for individual records. If you would like to keep all records as is, click “Save All”.

Once the record is saved, the added contact will receive an email for account activation, as shown in Figure 8.2e.

Figure 8.2e. Added Contacts Can Activate Their Accounts Instantly
Once “Activate Account” is selected, the Resource will be able to create an account login and Resource Profile in the “Activate Profile” window shown in Figure 8.2f on the following page.

Figure 8.2f. Activate Account Window for New Resources
1. First, add enter all fields including “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email”, and “Password”.
2. Lastly, select “Submit”.

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