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Zbizlink helps you access your files in one space. Add files to the Files Manager to ease organization and collaboration of the full business development lifecycle. You and your team can locate, upload, and download documents with little effort and zero confusion.

Adding Documents

Adding documents to the File Manager helps you develop an Opportunity or a proposal and collaborate with your Partners. All files are saved for automatic upload in respective modules or easy access for later review. Managing the Documents section is the same as adding Company Assets.
Refer to Section 5.4: Viewing Company Assets for instructions.

Viewing the Recycle Bin

Your deleted files will move to the Recycle Bin section. You have the option to “Restore” files or “Delete Permanently”.

Manage Deleted Files


  1. First, select “Recycle Bin”.
  2. Next, select the file desired.
  3. Click the menu icon (three lines in a circle).
  4. Lastly, select the action you wish performed.

Select “Empty Recycle Bin” for bulk file deletion.

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