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Zbizlink’s RFP Parser feature allows you to upload a completely prepared and formatted RFP document to create an Opportunity or a proposal. RFP Parser is in the “Info” tab of the Add Proposal and Add Opportunity sections in Proposal Management and Capture Management respectively.


  1. First, click “Add Proposal”.
  2. Next, select “Yes”.
  3. Click “RFP Parser”.

Add a Formatted RFP

  1. Click “Attach” icon in the top left-hand corner.
  2. Select a file from your computer.
  3. Click “Publish” icon in the top left-hand corner to extract text from the selected file. View the extracted text in parsed sections.

Extract the RFP

Extracted RFP Sections

  1. Lastly, click “Publish” to save all extracted sections and redirect back to the “Info”

View Pending Opportunities

Zbizlink allows you to upload RFPs and publish them as a proposal or Opportunity later. To view pending documents, select “View Your Pending Documents” in the RFP Parser extraction window. Select “Load” to upload a proposal document, and then publish it.

Finish Publishing Pending Opportunities

Drag and Drop RFP Content

Drag and drop content of your RFP from the “Original RFP” panel to the “Extracted RFP” panel.

illustrates this action

Drag and Drop Extracted RFP Content


  1. First, select the desired content from “Original RFP” panel.
  2. Next, click the required tab in the “Extracted RFP” panel where the content will be moved.
  3. Drag and drop the content within the selected tab.

Lastly, click “Publish” or move to another tab to save this action

Editing RFP Sections

Edit the RFP content in the “Extracted RFP” panel described in the section above.

Edit RFP Content


  1. First, click the required tab in the “Extracted RFP” panel.
  2. Next, double click the content to open an editor window, as shown in Figure 13.3.
  3. Edit content as desired.
  4. Lastly, click “Save” to view the changes in the “Extracted RFP” panel.

Adding/ Removing Custom Fields

Add additional fields that were not extracted from the RFP in the “Extracted RFP” panel of the Parser.


1. First, go to the desired section on the “Extracted RFP” panel.

Edit An Extraction

2. Next, click (+) sign.

Add Custom Field

3. Enter the title of the new custom field.
4. Select its type from the drop-down menu.
5. Lastly, click “Done” to add the field.

To remove the custom field, click (-) sign.

Managing Requirements

Zbizlink offers three options to share requirements, after extraction, in the “Scope”, “Background”, “Technical Requirements”, “Proposal Requirements”, and “Other Requirements” tabs:

  • Share with Partner;
  • Add Requirement Response; and
  • Assign to Team.

Share with Partner

Share Requirement with Partner


  1. First, click the (+) sign next to “Share with Partner”.
  2. Next, select “Partner” from drop-down menu.
  3. Click “Share”.

Add Requirement Response

Detail Remarks About Requirements

1. First, click the (+) sign next to “Add Requirement Response”.
2. Next, type a response.
3. Lastly, click “Save”.
Assign to Team

Assign Requirements to Team Members


1. First, click the (+) sign next to “Assign to Team”.

Share Requirements with Teams Window

  1. Next, select “Finish Date”.
  2. Add “Est Hour”.
  3. Select “Team Members” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click “Apply All” to apply these entries on all child headings.
  5. Lastly, click “Submit” to send team members notification of requirements.

Remember: The “Add Requirement Response” option is available for both Prime and Partner. Teaming Partners can view or edit responses.

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