Creating Opportunity/Proposal via RFP Parser

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Zbizlink’s RFP Parser feature allows you to upload an RFP document (or similar) to parse its contents into manageable sections to streamline compliance matrix development, task assignment, and proposal development. RFP Parser is in the “Info” tab of the Add Proposal and Add Opportunity sections in Proposal Management and Capture Management respectively.


1. First, click “Add Proposal”.
2. Next, select “Yes”.
3. Click “RFP Parser”.

Figure 14. Add a Formatted RFP

4. Click “Attachment” icon in the top left-hand corner.
5. Select a file or multiple files from your computer. Note: The file count will display by the Attachment icon.
6. Name your document and select “Ok” as shown to the right.
7. Select “Preview File” to view the file in the Parser window. Note: Repeat this step for each file.

Figure 14a. View the File in the Parser Window

8. Select the “Parse File” button to parse the content of the attached file. You have two options:

  • Auto parsing. Choose this option to parse the entire document into sections.
  • Selective parsing. Choose this option to be selective of the sections to be parsed.

If you want to parse your entire document, select “Yes” with Auto parsing selected. If you want to choose one section of the document to parse, select “Selective parsing” and choose the category(ies) of the selection(s) you would like to parse.

Figure 14b. Select Your Preferred Parsing Option

9. Select “Ok” to start the parsing automation process. Note: you can delete any file from your Opportunity at any time.
10. Lastly, click “Publish” to save all extracted/parsed sections and redirect back to the “Info” tab.

Remember: The RFP Parser helps streamline the proposal development process. Once redirected back to the “Info” tab, your RFP sections are transformed into proposal response areas.

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