Benefits of Zbizlink

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Zbizlink provides several benefits to your business:


  1. Quick Creation of Company Profiles via Import from SAM and Linked-in
  • Reduce the chances of human error and time it takes to edit
  • Identify your organization with the registered DUNS number
  • Send the membership requests to other organizations using DUNS number


  1. Specialized Strategy to the Market Segment
  • Categorize your organization
  • Help make better bidding decisions
  • Target specific market segments


  1. Easier Resume Parsing and Employee Bulk Insertion
  • Reduce the effort and time of manual entry
  • Reduce the chance of human error
  • During parsing and insertion provide a decision window to skip or take review of record


  1. Quick Analysis of Opportunity with Proposal Document
  • Reduce the effort and time of manual entry for Opportunity scope, background and other important information
  • Quickly extract information from proposals
  • Reduce the possibility of noncompliance or nonresponsiveness
  • Edit/make changes as you go (There’s no limit!)


  1. Seamless Opportunity Compiling and Reviewing
  • View the capability of all Partners on one screen
  • Find the best Business Partners for your team
  • Manage and monitor team responses and efforts in the Opportunity


  1. Transparency About All Opportunities
  • View an Opportunity in detail before accepting requests to collaborate
  • Exchange remarks about an Opportunity in one place
  • Track and copy an Opportunity with little effort and time


  1. Easily Define Labor Categories
  • Categorize the Department of a business
  • Categorize Resources based on the Labor Category
  • Modify/Add qualification questions for Resources to answer
  • Monitor qualifications with no hassle


  1. Share Qualified Resources
  • Gain Resource referrals from Partner organizations
  • Reduce the cost and time spent searching for and hiring new Resources
  • Select Resources based pre-defined criteria such as skill and cost


  1. Proposal Development without Confusion
  • Use user-friendly functionality to add content between Prime, Partners, and Resources
  • Gain continuous notification of team member updates throughout the bidding lifecycle
  • Comment on team member remarks and changes


  1. Instant Messaging (No Email Threads or Lost Files)
  • Receive immediate notifications in your inbox
  • Communicate directly with the Prime, Partners, and Non-Partner organizations
  • Add attachments to messages for detail and clarity
  • Declutter your inbox with spam and un-spam functionality


  1. Manageable File Sharing
  • Organize all uploaded documents in an easy-to-find location
  • Reduce the time it takes to locate files
  • View any file for your Opportunity and Proposal


  1. Budget-Friendly Pricing That Fits Your Need
  • Use Zbizlink for a full 30 days for free with no credit card at sign-up
  • Learn the tool before purchase
  • Purchase low-cost monthly, bi-annually, and annually packages
  • Adjust your pricing plan at any time
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