B2B Networking

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The B2B Networking section will help you build your network for future teaming partnerships and bid opportunities. Use this section to invite potential Business Partners to Zbizlink and to manage your existing partnerships.

B2B Networking Menu

Sending Invitations for Partnership

Invite potential Business Partners in the Company Invitation section. Add one or more contacts and send invitations to each.


  1. First, click “Add Contact”.
  2. Next, provide a valid “Email”.
  3. Enter “First Name” and “Last Name”.
  4. Let your contact know what the invitation is for in the “Invitation Message” field.
  5. Click “Submit” to save and display the record in List View.

Create Business Partner Invite

Recommendation: Take a look at the record in List View. Review your contacts and edit and/or delete the record prior to sending the invitation.

Edit or Delete Business Partner Contacts

Lastly, click “Send Invitation” to send an invitation email to the provided contacts, as shown in Figure 11.1b.

Invite Contacts to Become Business Partners

Once your requested Business Partner selects “Click Here”, the contact will be redirected to the Join us page. Refer to Section 2: Getting Started with Zbizlink and Section 3: Creating a Company Profile for details on getting started.
Note: If the requested Business Partner is already registered with Zbizlink, then this organization will receive an immediate notification about the partnership request.

Alert of Partnership Request

If the requested Business Partner is not online, the partnership request will be available in the company’s notification inbox. To immediately accept or reject the invitation, the requested Business Partner can click on the “Tick” or “Cross” sign displayed in the notification.
To view a list of pending invitations, click “View Sent Invitation” to move to the Sent Invitation section.

View Sent Invitations in List View
Select “Reminder” to send a reminder email to pending Business Partner recipients. Pending recipients will remain in the Company Invitations section for review, while Business Partners who have accepted the invitation will display in the Partners section illustrated in Figure 11.1e.

Review or Remove Existing Business Partners

Let’s say the Business Partner relationship is no longer needed or desired. You have the option to select “Remove Partnership” in the Partners section to remove existing partnerships.

Receiving Requests for Partnership

Accept, reject, or spam Business Partner requests in the View Received Invitation section to view a list of partnership requests.

Accept Valuable Business Partner Invitations

Spamming Requests for Partnership

Categorize unsolicited Business Partner invitations as spam. Manage the invitations in the View Received Invitation section and mark as spam.
Once “Spam” is selected, a confirmation message will display, as shown in Figure 11.3 below.

Confirm Spam Categorization
Click “Yes” to move the request to the View Spam Invitation section.
Note: Spam emails, also known as junk emails, are irrelevant or inappropriate email messages

Un-spam Invitations
To un-categorize an invitation as spam, select “Un-spam” in the View Spam Invitation section to move the invitation back to the View Received Invitation section. Once the invitation is moved, accept the invitation from the Business Partner.

illustrates the “Spam Invitation” section.

Un-spam Business Partner Invitations

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